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ID: 101

Name: Aminur Islam.

Father Name: Haider Ali Molla.

Mother Name: Laily Begum.

Date Of Birth: 20-09-1988.

Matrial Status: Single.

Job Location: Polton ,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Present Address:34/1, Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Gopalpur, Post: Khanderpara, Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj. 

ID: 102

Name: Azmul Huda.

Father Name: Rezaul Karim

Mother Name: Hamida Begum

Date Of Birth: 15.06.1988.

Matrial Status: Single.

Job Location: Dhaka.

Present Address: Mirpur-11,Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Kaunia, Post: Bejra-Vatra, Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj.

ID: 103

Name: Nahid Khan.

Father Name: Shahajhan Khan

Mother Name: Nehaara Begum

Date Of Birth: 04.04.1990.

Matrial Status: Married.

Job Location: Dhaka.

Present Address: H#36, R#6, B#D, Arambag, Mirpur-7,Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Bejra, Post:Bejra-Vatra , Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj.

ID: 104

Name: Tajmin Akter Khusi.

Husband Name: Hasan Mahmud.

Mother Name:

Date Of Birth: 19.02.1919…
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Monthly Paid Structure

LOTUSES20FRIENDSMember NameMember IDPaid Date:Jan.-2017Paid Date:Feb.2017Paid Date:Mar-17Paid Date:Apr-17Paid Date:May-17Paid DateJun-17Paid Date:Jul-17Paid Date:Aug.-2017Paid Date:Sep.-2017Paid Date:Oct.-2017Paid Date:Nov.-2017Paid Date:Dec.-2017TOTALAminur Islam10109/12/2016100001/02/2017100012/03/2017100014/04/2017100011/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012000Azmul Huda10209/12/2016100001/02/2017100012/03/2017100014/04/2017100011/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017100012/05/2017*100012/05/2017*100012000Nahid Khan10309/12/2016

Member Of The Lotus@2ofs

Member Of The Organization:

There are 20 member consist in our organization. If we will get lot of offer for membership, we can decision  for more collection member.

List Of Member:
1.Aminur Islam
2.Azmul Huda
3.Shabuj Mia
5.Tajmin Akter Shuki
6.Shabur Mia
7.Nahid Khan
8. Bulbul Khandakar
9.Tapon Mia
10. Rahim Hossain
11. Lona Akter
12.Rajib Mridha
13.Md. Mujahid.