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Member Of The Lotus@2ofs

Member Of The Organization:

There are 20 member consist in our organization. If we will get lot of offer for membership, we can decision  for more collection member.

List Of Member:
1.Aminur Islam
2.Azmul Huda
3.Shabuj Mia
5.Tajmin Akter Shuki
6.Shabur Mia
7.Nahid Khan
8. Bulbul Khandakar
9.Tapon Mia
10. Rahim Hossain
11. Lona Akter
12.Rajib Mridha
13.Md. Mujahid.

Photo Gallery Of All Member

ID: 101

Name: Aminur Islam.

Father Name: Haider Ali Molla.

Mother Name: Laily Begum.

Date Of Birth: 20-09-1988.

Matrial Status: Single.

Job Location: Polton ,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Present Address:34/1, Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Gopalpur, Post: Khanderpara, Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj. 

ID: 102

Name: Azmul Huda.

Father Name: Rezaul Karim

Mother Name: Hamida Begum

Date Of Birth: 15.06.1988.

Matrial Status: Single.

Job Location: Dhaka.

Present Address: Mirpur-11,Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Kaunia, Post: Bejra-Vatra, Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj.

ID: 103

Name: Nahid Khan.

Father Name: Shahajhan Khan

Mother Name: Nehaara Begum

Date Of Birth: 04.04.1990.

Matrial Status: Married.

Job Location: Dhaka.

Present Address: H#36, R#6, B#D, Arambag, Mirpur-7,Dhaka-1216.

Permanent Address: Vill: Bejra, Post:Bejra-Vatra , Ps: Muksudpur, District: Gopalganj.

ID: 104

Name: Tajmin Akter Khusi.

Husband Name: Hasan Mahmud.

Mother Name:

Date Of Birth: 19.02.1919…